Monday, October 22, 2012

happy things. for your reading pleasure. through pictures

 A happy Picture. I found this probably a year ago. I love it. Simple things are the best. Like laughing with your best friend while trying to put away something heavy on the top shelf of a closet. Where you are laughing so hard your tummy hurts and you almost pee yourself. :)
 Good memories are happy things. "Where the Wild Things Are" is such a sweet book.When I had my little boy in the hospital I read him this book, and for his birthday I got him the book and a Wild Thing stuffed animal. Every time I see max I think of A.R.M <3
He is his parents wild thing. Everyone should be a WILD THING.
 Reading is very very good. And yes boys are so much better in books! Mr. Darcy, Christian Grey, Conrad, Jacob Black, Atticus Finch ect ect ect I could go on and on and on. There is only one boy that no boy in a book can come close to and his name is BRETT CALL.
 When I read this, I did what it said to do. And it gave me the best feeling and I don't know why. I pictured happy things I couldn't help it. Try it- one of those simple things again. 
 Oh, this hug. I think we all know this hug. It almost makes you cry, and just thinking about it- you think of that one person, whoever that is, and it doesn't have to be the bf/gf. Just "that" person. You can feel that embrace, and that heavy feeling in your heart. bitter sweet, but some how still happy. 
 One of my all time favorite things. When BRETT CALL plays his guitar, on quiet nights, it is so relaxing. it's even better when you plays "Romeo and Juliet", and "Plumworld"
 I love Kittens. They are a happy thing for me. 
Everything about this photo is a happy thing. I'm in love with my best friend, who I met in eight grade. I immediately put him in the "friend zone" He was madly in love with me throughout high school but I never saw it. Then, I almost got married, but I called that off for different reasons. But I found a letter he wrote to me when we were 17 and it dawned on me that this boy loves me. and that all this time I had loved him too. We've been together for 2 years. We live in SLC, utah together. and we are very very very in love. Long (very detailed) story short. 

 The first seven photos I did not take but took from piccsy and pinterest. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


                                            Aisa'toa Rangi Marshall, you are loved. always. 
you too my little ame'
                                           me and fall. i just got bangs though. for fall.
                                            In a relationship with:
*Westminster College
*my ford focus
*my journal
*my nook
*day dreaming. 
*my jourdan blanket. 
I love when people are alone in their cars. I love to watch them think about their daily lives and making lists in their heads. sometimes they are singing, or even crying. i love how people get excited when you start talking about their favorite book. i love watching people waiting for someone at the airport, how they are anxious before and then that certain person walks out and suddenly they are both glowing. i love to see what people doodle on their notes, or homework. i think you can tell a lot about a person by what they doodle.
 "i fall in love with people and their honest moments all the time. i fall in love with their breakdowns and their smeared makeup and their daydreams. honesty is just too beautiful to every put into words."

Friday, June 1, 2012


Today was June 1,2012
Hello summer. Hello sizzling temps that make me want to die.
Today was long, today was eventful.
Brett got his wisdom teeth taken out. 
It makes me sad.
But taking care of him makes me happy.
I went to the store to buy him things he could eat.
Jello, Pudding, Mashed Potatoes, soup, and Apple sauce.
He's a champ and is doing really well :)
He's a great boyfriend. 
I couldn't stay with him long after the... wisdom teeth extraction...
I had to work.
At Sun Haven tanning.
Work was slow. 
So I wrote in my Journal. Something I do a lot. 
I got a new tattoo the other day and it's kinda been bothering me. 
It's almost midnight and my day is still not over.
I still need to drive out to J.D and Win's house, 
We are have a booth for RMR at Pride this weekend. 
They live in North Salt lake
at this point I just want to say FML
but here i go. 
Me and Nela. 
It will be a good fun weekend.
I'll see tadd. best thing ever. Best friend forever. 
But i kinda wish i could stay with brett. 
He's my sweet gus.
I love him.
Every day I miss a certain little boy who my heart belongs to. ARM
He's apart of my every day. my every minute. 
This has been my today. My June 1,2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

10 Things That Matter Most.

1. I'm Breathing. 
2. There's plenty of Tea for everyone. 
3. The World is much bigger than this town. 
4. and I'll be out there soon. 
5. I'll never lose hope. 
6. There are books I still need to read. 
7. Joshua Radin and Taylor Swift are still writing music.
8. My Camera works. 
9. A child was born in this moment... and again <3
10. I can name someone who loves me. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pizza Dough. Epic Fail.

went to work for 5 hours.
bought a ford focus.
went to harmons.

we made pizza dough.
twice, because well... the first time was an epic failure.
advice. read the recipe ever soooo carefully.
i love you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


  • I'm afraid of the dark, I think that's why I love the stars so much.
  • I get angry really easily, it's something I'm working on.
  • I sleep too much, and maybe eat too much sugar.
  • And if it's possible I dream too much too.
  • I have a weakness for sweet talkers.
  • I'm constantly making and breaking promises to myself.
  • I think about my savior everyday. That should make it easier for me to not make as many mistakes... but it doesn't.
  • I'm a good listener though.
  • And I can be very brave. I've had to be a few times.
  • But I can make people smile.
  • And I can take fantastic photographs.
Most importantly...
Even though I've made master mistakes
Even though I've lied and have been dumb enough to believe lies
Even though I've been heartbroken and have broken hearts.
and I AM worthy of all that love.

Monday, March 26, 2012

things i need to survive.

1. a camera
2. a note book and pen
3. books.
4. tea.
5. more books
6. artistic people.
7. my mom and dad.
8. more tea.
9. the sun.
10. more books.